1. Into My Future

From the recording The Wild and Hollow

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Written by Colin Gilmore, Tim Bennett, Jason Bennett, Billy Crompton


You keep stepping into my future
You got a long way to go, got a lotta time to get there
You keep rolling in my field of vision
Sunlight in your eye, and a hurricane in your hair
Oh and it's all gonna end in a wild collision
And by the look on your face you're sayin you really don't care

Go where you want to
Cut through the moment like an arrow in flight
Time just rolls with you
And you make it all look right
You keep steppin into my future
If you get there, baby baby keep it good and bright

I got running in my own direction
Heard sirens singing everywhere and all for me
I wasn't looking for any real connection
But sometimes the right move can bring on the wrong destiny
Oh, you came stepping into my future
Now anywhere you go, you shine a little light on me

Go where you want to
Don't wait for nothing, tomorrow is blind
Take my heart with you
And I'll catch up with you down the line