From the recording Goodnight Lane

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Running circles in the yard
One side, other side, top of the planet
I know I'm staring too hard
You're staring back too baby you began it

Turning my head with your body and smile
Every morning when you run your morning mile
The thoughts come rushing, too fast, too much
What would it be like to talk, to touch
But tall is the grass now, up to my ears
Many are the thoughts many more are the fears
So I'll duck my head till the lightning clears
And stand by holding my guard
And keep running circles
Running circles in the yard

I went following the holy sound
New York City is all that I found
Following the holy sound
With a J-200 I'll turn this town around
Just gimme shelter, a stage to play
If you like me enough New York, I'll stay
But I turn down Lorimer, what do I see
Someone from home begging change from me
He came for the music, the milk and honey
He ran out of friends when he ran out of money
Another songwriter in the belly of the whale
Every thought from his lips got lost in the mail
He bit the Big Apple too hard
Now he's running circles, running circles in the yard

If I step out in the road with you, you bet
Lost and run over is what I get
Picture you and me adrift on the open sea
I know dreams and wishes come true
But they don't come free