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"BEST AMERICANA/SINGER-SONGWRITER ALBUM OF 2013" - Mike Ragogna, Huffington Post

"Colin is clearly his own man in his own world. His easygoing, conversational voice summons the same spirits Woody Guthrie and the young Bob Dylan walked with... I want to hear more."
 - John Swenson, Twisted South Magazine

“A West Texan Nick Lowe… instant sing-along quality”
  – Sylvie Simmons, Mojo

“Colin Gilmore uncorks deep feelings on “Goodnight Lane” while never letting the bubbles go flat. In doing so, he’s put himself right back in the troubadour game. These are songs you’re gonna want to hear live.”
  – Michael Corcoran, Austin American Statesman

“Music's obviously in his blood, yet Gilmore's voice remains as entertaining as any Texas songwriter he might draw comparisons to.”
  – Jim Caligiuri, Austin Chronicle

“There’s little doubt that Goodnight Lane must be considered amongst the cream of the crop of Americana releases for 2010.”
  – Wildy’s World review

“Colin Gilmore has the best country album of the year”
  – Eric R. Danton, Hartford Courant

“The songs, from the opening co-write with vet Scott Matthews "Circles in the Yard" to the gorgeous closer "Raindrops in July" are well-crafted and engaging”
  – Jim Musser, Iowa City Press-Citizen

“Colin Gilmore's songs display considerable craftsmanship, the lyrics taking a poetic turn that gives the subject matter -- reflections on the musician's life, romantic encounters, and the world in general -- greater depth.”
  – William Ruhlmann, review

“This new body of work shows a musical diversity in style and maturity in songwriting for the young artist.”
  – Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville

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Colin Gilmore grew up in Lubbock, Texas, spending many nights as a child in nightclubs like Stubbs, where he witnessed songwriters like Joe Ely, Terry Allen, and his own father, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, bring the stage to life. He developed a taste for Buddy Holly, Townes Van Zandt, and bands like The Clash and The Pogues. For 14 years, Colin has been informed by these observations, writing songs and playing under his own name. He recently performed in and wrote songs for the critically acclaimed feature film Barracuda, which premiered at SXSW Film Festival and has since had great success and distribution. He is currently working on another album with producer Richard Barone.

Colin's second album Goodnight Lane won fans across the world and critical acclaim, including 4-star reviews in Mojo and Uncut. The songwriting style he is creating has developed over the years, emphasizing uniqueness and truth above immediate public reaction. His third release The Wild and Hollow marks a departure from Goodnight Lane, sonically and stylistically. The recordings took place in Austin and Chicago, under the direction of Rob Seidenberg and Tim Bennett, respectively. The album features two songs by Colin's lifelong friend Johnny Walker, of Archive War and Ignorance Park. It will features a string section by Will Taylor and Strings Attached, guest vocals by Amanda Shires, Sally Allen, Julia Klee and a host of other talents. Colin has also collaborated with his Chicago-based band on the opening track "Into My Future", which points to the way in which his travels are shaping his overall act. His tours in the US, Japan and Italy, and the crowd responses in all of them, prove that Colin has a rare gift that cuts across styles and cultures.

Input List

Center Stage: Vocal mic / DI / mic for guitar amp
Stage Right: Mic for guitar amp
Stage Left: Vocal mic, bass amp
Stage Left: Mic for keyboard amp / accordion mic with stand
Drums:  Kick mic / overhead mic / snare mic